Continuing Education & Certifications

The CISCO local academy (opening planned for 2011-2012) prepares for essential IT and CCNA certifications from 1 to 4. Three
A 20-seat classroom and three full-time instructors are
available for learners, all backgrounds and profiles. The
girls are particularly encouraged. You can download the
explanatory brochure and the registration request form here.

The Computer and Internet Certificate (C2i) is a
continuous training offered by the Centre for the Development of
Information and Communication Technologies at the University of
Ngaoundéré. This training attests to the skills in the mastery of
computer tools and Internet to a third party. It is established in the
to develop, strengthen and validate the mastery of
information and communication technologies by students,
teachers and even by any other person with the prerequisites
necessary. Two levels are planned:
a level 1 requirement applicable to all students and continuing education trainees.
a level 2 subject to requirements with guidelines
of the training provided (through the teaching of
pre-professionalisation and sectors). This second level of the C2i
is composed of four orientations:
teacher & researcher
legal professions
health professions
engineering professions

Computer maintenance

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