Student Transportation
Although Dang has many student accommodations, many choose to live in the centre of Ngaoundéré, 15 km from the University.
The most frequent means of transport is by taxi.
There are three taxi parking points in the city, in the direction of the University. At places called “Grand Marché”, “Lycée Classique” and””. The price of the trip is 250 FCFA in both directions, and taxis are available at any time.
The other solution is to take the student buses. There are three at the University, and the cost of the trip is 150 FCFA in each direction.
Within the campus, the means of transport between the student residences and the campus is motorcycle taxis, which cost 100 FCFA for a one-way trip.

Transport Teachers
In addition to the taxis that shuttle between the city of Ngaoundéré and the town of Dang where the university campus is located, the University of Ngaoundéré has a bus for transporting teachers.
It operates five shuttles a day between downtown Ngaoundéré and the university campus. With seven stops and fixed hours, it is the most convenient way to get to university when you don’t have your own vehicle. It is free of charge.
The departure schedule is as follows:
7am ————————————- 7:45am
9am —————————————– 13h
1:30 p. m. ——————————– 4:00 p. m.
17h40 ———————————– 18h

On Fridays, the 1pm departure from the university is reduced to 1:45pm, and 2:15pm from the city.

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