Help Program

The opportunities
Social assistance
Aids for people with severe physical and motor disabilities;
Aids for the chronically ill;
Aid to the injured and sick, sudden and severe
Academic support
Support for academic internships
Support for research work
Prizes to the winners
Support for academic excellence granted by MINESUP
Assistance to the disabled, proven social cases and young girls in scientific fields granted by MINESUP
Holiday internships with municipalities in partnership with MINESUP
Vacation internships in state universities within MINESUP
Aid to winners granted by patrons (BAT-CEMAC) MINESUP Work Study Study Program (3 months)
Cleanliness and security of the campus
Support for the work of the administration
Work Study Program Special (6 months)
Bonuses for participation in competitions
Participation bonuses for the University Games
UNIFAC participation bonuses
Grants from clubs and associations
Support for the functioning of clubs and associations
Allocation of operating equipment

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