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Health Center

It deals with the care of sick students at all hours of the day and every day of the week. In addition, it also deals with university staff and people outside the university. It is located at the entrance to the campus for easy access

Development Centre of Information Technologies and Communication

The center of development of Information Technology and Communication is the place where we develop all the strategies for ICT, University of Ngaoundere and others too.

Amphi 750

It is the largest amphi theater at the University of Ngaoundere. It is reserved for both the lectures and examinations of the approaches to very large numbers. It was built in 2005

Second instructional unit

This is one of the classrooms at the University of Ngaoundéré. It consists of four classrooms equipped with 200, 50 or 100 seats. It is quite airy and the atmosphere is friendly.


The prefabricated also serves as a classroom for all the faculties of the University of Ngaoundere. These rooms have capacities ranging from 15 to 100 students

University's Restaurant

The canteen of the University of Ngaoundere is where students take their meals. It opens every day of the week at 11am and closes accurate when students leave in progress.

Football stadium

For activities related to football at the University of Ngaoundere


The gymnasium at the University of Ngaoundere welcomes the acrobats of the university and those from elsewhere as well.

Ensai Lab

Laboratory of the National School of Agro-Food Sciences

University's Residence

The dormitory of the University of Ngaoundere is one of the largest infrastructure of the campus. It is home to nearly a quarter of the student population at the University.
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