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Research's partnerships
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Research's Partnerships
Research training - educationAgro-alimentary Sciences and TechnologiesJuridic SciencesThe aerobic wastewater treatmentWaste treatment chemicalsRealization of training and researchThe organization of information exchange of scientific, technical and educationalThe exchange of teachers, researchers and engineersScience and Food TechnologyIndustrial Maintenance and InformationEconomics and ManagementLegal and Political SciencesTraining of Administrative of Technical StaffSupport for Development of locat/Regional Master's/Ph.D. ProgrammeStrengthen, within their possibilities, the exchange of professors for a period déteminée, both in terms of teaching and research, with the agreement of the respective institutions or departments.The development of any other action contributing to their development, such as training, technology transfer, technological researchSupport for existing channels, recently established or emerging, including training of trainers in teaching and researchThe exchange of teachers and studentsThe participation of CNRS researchers in the supervision of doctoral students, thesis juries and teaching in the doctoral process engineering in NgaoundereTrade publicationsSupport of CNRS building equipment, documentation, research and technical and scientific expertise of the platform process engineering of NgaoundereDevelopment of joint research programsExchanges of teachers and studentsThe exchange of publications, documents and research findingsOrganization of conferences, seminars and scientific meetings
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