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Faculties and schools
The university consists of eight Faculty (Unit Training and Research) in engineering, medicine, humanities, economics and management, science and technology.

Faculty of Arts Letters and Human Sciences

The Faculty of Arts, Letters and Social Sciences has seven departments.
English Department.
Anthropology Department.
Arts Department.
French Department.
Geography Department.
History Department.
Arabic Language and Civilisation Department.

The training provided in five programmes has the following specific objectives:

Geography. Study of physical and human systems which interact at various levels on the Earth. Methods and techniques of acquiring the data used in the subject. Applications to physical planning and management of the environment. Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D.

History. Methodological, theoretical and practical training centred on our history (Cameroon and Africa). Study of the history of other societies with critical appraisal of events, political situations and social phenomena. Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D.
French. Fundamental courses aimed at good mastery of the French language. Broad view of French literature and the literature of French speaking Africa and the Diaspora. Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D.
Sociology. The major schools of sociological thought. Qualitative and quantitative methods for a better understanding of social phenomena. Bachelors, Masters.
Arabic. Study of Arabic language, literature and civilisation. Bachelors.

Research and Co-operation
The Faculty carries out projects in two principal areas: environment and sustainable development and protection of cultural heritage . It publishes two scientific journals.
Very active co-operation enables the faculty to benefit from the support of Norway through the Ngaoundere - Anthropos project. Furthermore, research groups are developing activities in partnership with, notably, IRD (former ORTOM), CIRAD and CNRS, France.


Ecole de Génie Chimique et d'Industrie Minérale

Ecole de Génie Chimique et d'Industrie Minérale
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