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Study to UN

Why study at the UN

one being primarily a place of study and work, your schedule will allow you great freedom of organization. This is a time to enter the voluntary and you invest in your student life. You can join existing associations, but if you want to say, create your own!
Student representation is also the investment of students in various democratic bodies which govern the university. The General Delegation of the student and the President will be your voice and work every day to improve your living conditions at the university campus Dang. This citizen involvement is essential: when you feel ready?

How much does an academic year ?

As in all state universities in Cameroon pension s pupil has 50.000FCFA al professionalization exception of certain sectors.


Overnight accommodation in a correct way contribute to the well-being of your student life. Multiple solutions available to you. If you have questions about renting a room for the start, here are some solutions that will help you:
  • Get the Cit 'university campus Dang .... Get
  • housing in surrounding mini-city prices ranging between 10000 and 60000 FCFA monthly


The university campus of Dang is located approximately 15km down town Ngaoundere and is therefore very well served by public transport (bus and motorcycle taxi).
The taxi is also a very convenient way to travel occasionally.
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