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Testimony about the UN

What they think about the UN

After my degree, I chose to join the UN for training in Mathematics and Computer Science. I do not regret that choice because I think the training at one of good quality. Courses cover all areas of computing and mathematics (Database, Systems Architecture, Numerical Analysis, Statistics, Topology of Sets, Information System, ....) That which provides a global view of business issues before choosing a specialty. I particularly appreciated the work group, which helped me develop my confidence and my ability to integrate a team.

Large companies today are headed by versatile, willing to progress in a dynamic world. My time at the UN has helped me develop my personality and because of the quality of training offered by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, now I can work and excel in a highly competitive environment.

Training very rewarding both professional and human. Thank you for those very good years at the UN. ----------------------------------------

Training at the University of Ngaoundere is very good both academically and socially. Students always come out satisfied. Labas my time allowed me to gain the knowledge necessary to do the work I do today.

By choosing the ULN, I am relying on her reputation and its programs, and I was not disappointed. I was also sensitive to the charms of Ngaoundere which is also my hometown and attractiveness of the Region. My first contact with the university has been very positive. I felt immediately that I would get a quality education, comfort and equipment for study of constant listening and caring from the faculty and administration. I can say with some assurance that the training I followed the ULN has given me the expertise needed to ensure that the job I want. Teaching fits perfectly to reality thanks to the intervention of many professional programs.

SIABO Nelly My time at the University of Ngaoundere in the mathematical and computer industry has been very rewarding both in academic and social training mainly thanks to the dedication of enseignants.la training is quality and it is thanks to the knowledge that I could insert myself without too much trouble in the professional world.

From my study and my time spent at the University of Ngaoundere, I would say to me of course this is the best university in Cameroon because it creates and forms the geniuses in almost all areas, thanks to effective teachers who grow and require students to give the best of themselves. then my dear brothers, my friends, my dear parents if you are looking for a university for yourself or for someone, feel through the gates of tHE UNIVERSITY OF NGAOUNDERE are open to everyone without distinction.

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